Early on in my optometry career, I was diagnosed with a condition called trigeminal neuralgia. I struggled to find answers and was faced with a lifetime of taking medications that only muted the symptoms while trying to avoid permanent disability.

The journey was long but also fruitful. It led me to functional medicine. I worked tirelessly, motivated by my thirst for knowledge and a wish to feel better. I adjusted my diet and my outlook on life. I prevailed. I knew that I could not return to practicing optometry as I had before. This was the spark that led me to pursue a formal education in functional medicine and nutrition. When I speak and interact with patients, I see their hunger to get sound advice on health or non-allopathic support. In order to provide this wholeheartedly, I needed a place to do it. Thus, Integrative Vision was born.

I believe I have a unique capacity to see a patient’s perspective. I’ve felt pain. I’ve been a lost patient reaching for answers and direction, only to find faces of confusion. I know there are others like me that want to change their lives and help their illness. I have made it my life’s purpose to spread my newfound knowledge and further this movement. Whether I help one or a million, I will not stop learning, teaching, helping and ultimately EMPOWERING.

I wish you all the best in this magical journey

In Health,

Neda Gioia

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