Integrative Vision Professional Consulting

with Dr. Neda Gioia

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Professional Consulting

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If you have ever asked yourself these questions, the IVP offerings are the resource you’ve been looking for.

Dr. Neda Gioia is a licensed optometrist in New Jersey and New York with 15 years of clinical experience spanning 3 states. Her personal success in nutrition inspired her to pursue a formal education in functional medicine and clinical nutrition so that she could implement it into her practice.
She is the founder of Integrative Vision, an optometry practice with a special emphasis on nutritional interventions and functional medicine modalities for eye health.

Being an effective practitioner is a full time job in itself. Building a successful practice or business that allows you to grow, find financial stability, and implement the care you are passionate about can feel almost impossible.

When you choose to work with Dr. Gioia, you will gain valuable insight into how to optimize, revamp, and enhance your business.

IVP Consulting

Have you been educated in nutrition and have questions regarding how to bring it into your practice? With Dr. Gioia’s 15 year optometric experience and advanced nutritional education, she launched a cold start practice called Integrative Vision.

A true visionary, the purpose was not only to help and manage her local patients with primary eye care and nutrition counseling but also to prove a model that can be replicated nationally and internationally.

Dr. Gioia’s launch consulting program offers direct one-on-one time that allows you to ask questions and get the answers you need to improve your business integrating nutrition into an optometric practice.

Some areas your consulting session can include

  • How to incorporate supplements into your protocols.
  • Building community outreach programs
  • Start nutritional services at your practice
  • Review Eye Exam Plus ™ in action!
  • Professional Development
  • Balance time and care. How to provide optimal care in the span of an appointment.
Dr. Gioia can help you with