Eyewear Specialist Services

Choosing lens and frame options takes skills and art!   We provide a high level of educated staff for these needs.  With over 20 years of experience we can help you select proper fitting frames as well as important lens options that help you see and protect your vision and choose some of the most advanced lens technologies. Our staff even undergo extra training and certification with blue light education.We help you select a frame and lens combination that fit your lifestyle and budget for occupational, recreational or fashion statements. Committed to exceptional customer service and addressing the needs of our current patients or the general public. Our standards include patience, honesty and integrity with all that choose us for their care. Our optical selection has a unique curation of hard to find brands and high quality options for all.  We even service custom glasses for infants and children. Adjustments, repairs, customization are all details that we are proud to offer with our skilled optical staff and optician.  We ensure proper fittings at pickup as well!  Come in anytime and our optical staff will be happy to help!

Our services include —

Blue Light Blocking


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