Specialty Lens Tints

Functional tints to reduce eye strain, headaches & migraine.

Environmental factors are amplifying cases of eyestrain, resulting in increased eyestrain, headaches and migraines.

We now offer the The BPI® FL-41™ specialty lens tint solution that helps mitigate and alleviate many of these symptoms; customizable to your desired frame and prescription lens type — Precision-tinted lenses minimize migraine attacks by up to 74%*, relieving exposure to glare and reducing pressure on the eyes and reducing headaches.
  • Reduce headache and migraine frequency and intensity
  • Relieve painful light sensitivity and glare
  • Protect you from fluorescent lighting
  • Add tinting your existing frames or to any new frames from our wide optical range.

*Good PA, Taylor RH, Mortimer MJ. “The use of tinted glasses in childhood migraine.” Headache. 1991 Sep.

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