The Team

Dr. Neda Gioia, OD CNS FOWNS

Dr. Neda Gioia is a licensed optometrist with 15 years of clinical experience spanning 3 states. Her personal success in nutrition inspired her to pursue a formal education in functional medicine and clinical nutrition so that she could implement it into her practice. She is the founder of Integrative Vision, an optometry practice with a special emphasis on nutritional interventions and preventative modalities for eye health. Her approach to eyecare involves treating the body and optimizing her patients’ foundation. With sight being such a high-level sense, Dr. Gioia believes one should maximize ways to improve quality of vision and reduce ocular disease risks. Her goal is to heal, educate, and, ultimately, empower her patients to achieve better health and a better life. READ MORE ABOUT DR. GIOIA >

Heather McCabe, Patient Liaison

Integrative Vision is truly fortunate to have Heather on the team. She is a bona fide eyewear enthusiast and is driven to provide patients with exceptional service and genuine hospitality. While she is new to the optical field, she has years of retail sales and hospitality management experience which is ideal for fulfilling Integrative Vision’s mission of superior service. She is specializing in design and fit of eyewear to provide the best fashion appeal and optical performance for patients. Also she is eager to initiate her licensed New Jersey optician program as well as her apprenticeship program.